Jefferson Alcoholic Foundation Inc.
Dedicated to assisting in the recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction

2012 14th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35205
Dedicated to assisting in the recovery from alcoholism
Relocation Info                                                                              
Hello everyone,

Jafi's landlord, Gateway, has informed us the property on which Jafi is located is under contract to be sold.

If the sale goes through, Jafi will have to relocate.

The proposed closing date is scheduled for mid April, which gives us little time to act.

Gateway has offered to lease the building across the street from our current location.

This could provide a temporary solution until a more permanent location can be found.

The specifics of the lease have yet to be worked out.

Jafi is currently searching for available property in the surrounding area.

A meeting is scheduled at Jafi for Sunday January 18th at 4pm to discuss this situation in more detail.

We encourage everyone interested in Jafi's future to attend this meeting.

It is only through your support Jafi is able to continue it's service to the recovery community.

To help continue this work, please email your contact info to

Bill Morgan

(Board President)

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