Jefferson Alcoholic Foundation Inc.
Dedicated to assisting in the recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction

2012 14th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35205
Dedicated to assisting in the recovery from alcoholism
Relocation Info                                                                              
Fantastic news!

Hello everyone,

The sale of "our property" has fallen through. We are no longer under immediate pressure to move.

Jafi's current lease agreement with Gateway will remain in place as we continue to explore our options.

Provided, of course, we are able to raise the necessary funding, we now have the choice of either purchasing

the property we currently occupy or relocating.

Presently, we are putting the finishing touches on our business plan and have gathered the majority of other

information required for our fundraising packet. 

If we stay, our ultimate goal would be to construct a new facility, remove our existing building and use the

resulting space for our parking needs.

If we relocate, modifications certainly will have to be made to best suite our needs as well.

InIn our search for available property in the surrounding area, two feasible locations have been found so far.

Here are links to said locations: 1109 22nd street south and 3613 6th ave south

In addition, we are in contact with the City of Birmingham to see what city owned properties may be available.

We have looked at two thus far. One of which was determined to be too far north.

The other is at the intersection of Morris Avenue and 20th Street (facing 20th) and is part of the John A. Hand

building. However, this location may be off of the table as the condo association (also located in the building)

is in talks with the Birmingham Parking Authority to purchase the adjoined parking deck. Were this deal to be

made, the space in question would become the property of the condo association.

Jafi will be holding our annual Membership Meeting Sunday, March 15th beginning at 3:00 with a chili cook off.

The business meeting will start at 4:00. And a 
S,mores eating contest after the meeting (not really but we

will have 
S,mores afterwards).

For answers to any questions you may have, use the contact us page or you may call me directly 205-821-5553.

It is only through your support Jafi is able to continue it's service to the recovery community.

To help continue this work, please email your contact info to stating how you would

like to help.

Bill Morgan

(Board President)

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